Acappella Owner Featured in Brookhaven Alumni Newsletter

Acappella owner and Director of Nursing Jo Alch was featured in the latest edition of Brookhaven’s Alumni Newsletter. Read all about the entrepreneur and how she earned success:

Jo Alch Featured in the latest Brookhaven Alumni Newsletter

Jo Alch Featured in the latest Brookhaven Alumni Newsletter

Nursing Program Alum Combines Skills as a Successful Entrepreneur

Jo Alch remembers taking a test in the 7th grade on optimal career paths and the results confirmed her interest in nursing.  Since then Alch knew that nursing would ultimately be her profession.  After high school Alch, being from Lousiana, enrolled at LSU in hopes of majoring in nursing. Unfortunately, LSU did not have a nursing degree program, so she pursued other majors. Never finishing, she knew in her heart that nursing was her calling. During this time, Alch was financially strapped and knew she had to make some serious decisions about her career so she took various sales jobs in NYC and Dallas.

When Alch was 28, her grandmother was at Baylor Hospital having heart surgery.  Alch remembers that day vividly as a Brookhaven College nursing student walked in the room to take her grandmother’s vitals. After Alch struck up a conversation, the student expressed her enthusiasm and spoke of her wonderful experience with the nursing program at Brookhaven College. From that point, Alch decided to make her life-long goal of becoming a nurse a reality. 

Alch began taking some of the basic courses towards her eligibility for a nursing clinical program. She hopped from one DCCCD college to another enrolling in courses to fit her work schedule.

Sometimes taking only one course at a time. Alch was under some financial pressure so she worked diligently and tried to keep up with her studies.

“At times I was so broke I had to resort to making copies of chapters for required readings from fellow students.  I was determined to get into the program–despite the difficulties I was experiencing; I made all A’s,” Alch said.

When it was time to apply for the nursing clinical program, all Alch wanted was to be accepted to Brookhaven College since she had heard great things about their nursing clinical program. “I applied, and prayed,” Alch said.

The clinical nursing program at Brookhaven is very competetive, but a few months after her application, Alch was accepted. She was overjoyed and then reality sunk in; how would she pay for the program? Alch and her husband were not in the proper income bracket to receive grants.

“We were barely above the poverty line, but made too much for grants. So I worked two jobs–at a hospital one shift a week, and at restaurant while going to Brookhaven. Somehow with two toddlers and an awesome husband who also worked two jobs, I did it, “ Alch said.

After graduation in 1995, Alch began working in hospice. She loved her career and worked in hospice for many years.  Seeing a void in private-duty home care specializing in hospice care, in 2006 Alch decided to take another leap of faith and start her own agency, Acappella in Home Care. By offering excellent service to her clients, Acappella quickly became one of the leading providers in home care in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area. Her agency has won numerous awards, including  D Magazine Excellence in Nursing Best in Home Care, Great 100 RNs for DFW, and North Dallas Living Best Home Care.

Alch holds a special place in her heart for Brookhaven College. She credits the college as one of the main reasons for her success today. “Anytime Brookhaven comes up in a conversation, I am always ready to share my wonderful experiences while a student. I will be eternally grateful to Brookhaven College for giving me such an incredible education,” Alch said.

With the start of the Brookhaven College Alumni Engagement Program, Alch has plans on becoming an active volunteer to give back to her beloved institution, Brookhaven College.